If you log into cPanel, you will see on the left hand side "Entry Processes" with a number.An "Entry Process" is how many PHP scripts you have running at a single time. Our shared hosting's starter plan has a limit of 25 PHP scripts at a single time.

Keep in mind an "Entry Process" only takes roughly a fraction of a second to complete, therefore most people get it confused with how many visitors they can have on their website. A 25 limit Entry Process doesn't mean only 25 people can be on your website at once because the likelihood of all 25 people hitting your website at the exact same second would never happen.

We've seen an entry limit of 25 usually handle 200-400 visitors on your website at a time. If you have a low traffic website but are constantly at 25 Entry Processes, it means something is wrong with your scripts and they are hanging around longer then they should.


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